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18 March 2016 – Wheelchair Donation

On 18 March, Timour Hall Villa was proud to be able to donate a wheelchair to retired W/O Willie Ackerman.  We had heard that his wife is struggling with Alzheimer’s and mobility issues and that he had been experiencing difficulty in getting a chair through Polmed.  A number of years ago, we had purchased a chair for use by one of our elderly IPA members so that he could continue to support IPA events despite his own health issues.  After his passing, the chair had been kept on hand, but never needed and there seemed no better use for it than for us to donate it to an IPA member in need.  Mr Ackerman was thrilled at the gift and expressed his appreciation as this will now allow him to take his wife out again.  We wish him everything of the best.


Visit by Hungarian IPA Member Ida Havasi

Earlier this year we had a visit from Ida Havasi, a Hungarian IPA member and IEC Delegate. It was lovely to have her with us, but even more heart warming was her praise for Timour Hall Villa.  She told us on her first morning that as part of her work for the IEC she travels extensively and tries to use IPA accommodation wherever possible.  She guessed that she has now stayed in almost every house around the world, certainly all of the houses in Europe, and while one of the Dutch houses has long been top of her list, she confessed that Timour Hall Villa is now her favourite house. It certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile to get such high praise.

15th IPA Annual Classic Car and Bike Show - 17 & 18 January 2015

Who could’ve imagined the success this fundraiser would enjoy back in the late 90s when it was first envisioned? When it launched in the year 2000 there were a few dozen cars and public attendance was just as small. It was certainly a winning concept though and so the Region persevered and the next year there were more cars and more people and the buzz was that it was a “must attend” event. By the 2006 show, when the present organiser took over the event, there were around 250 vehicles on the one day show and attendance figures had risen to a respectable 1000 – 1500 people.

Within hours of the last car leaving that year, a decision was made to expand the event into a two day festival and so, in 2007, the Car Show launched its present 2 day format. It started small, but the Saturday show – which highlights more modern cars – has grown into an event that holds its own and now the event boasts an impressive 600+ vehicles over the two days and more than 6 500 attendees. It continues to improve and grow every year and as a family friendly event, it is now firmly cemented in the Western Cape Events calendar as an event not to be missed.

Of course, the event isn’t only about displaying beautiful vehicles, it is a charity fundraiser and proud to be the largest IPA fundraiser in South Africa. Our aim is to find deserving causes that provide upliftment training in needy communities - “hand up, not hand out” – who will use the funds to further improve the lives of their community. We also support our local Disaster Risk Management Volunteers and Red Cross Ambulance services and donations are also made to the local primary school which allows us to use their fields for parking each year.

From the humble idea of having an event which “might” generate some funds, to the well-oiled machine that it has become 15 years later, IPA Western Cape is proud of their legacy and look forward to many more years to come.

Visit by German IPA Members from Esslingen – 12 November 2015

On Wednesday 12 November, Timour Hall Villa was proud to play host to a group of IPA members from Esslingen in Germany. They were in South Africa on tour and one of their members – a long time friend of IPA Western Cape Region – had asked if we would be willing to host them for a steak braai and so plans were made. What they didn’t know was that this same member – Eugen – was secretly hatching plans of his own to travel to South Africa in secret and join them for the evening!

Their tour was being run by IPA West Coast member Ulli Gehring and so invitations were sent to members of IPA Western Cape and IPA West Coast for members to join us. The group arrived at 5:30pm and started their tour in the bar where they were truly surprised at our “guest barman” for the evening (Eugen) who then accompanied them on a tour of the Villa before making their way back to the bar for some well earned refreshments.

The steaks were soon ready and all the guests were invited to make their way to the hall. Everyone dished up their food and soon there was the hum of conversation punctuated by the sounds of cutlery on crockery. There was plenty for a second helping (or two) and when everyone had eaten their fill, there were a few presentations. Far too soon the group climbed back aboard their tour bus and headed off to their accommodation. All agreed, what a great evening with new friends!

2015 IPA Western Cape Events Calendar
Dates to be confirmed via sms to members

March Car Show Thank You Braai and Cheque Presentation

May Steak Braai
July Steak Braai

Elective AGM, 9 April 2014

Although the turn out was not as good as we had hoped. With only 28 replies to our invitation, 11 tendered their apologies beforehand and only 17 members out of 278 bothering to attend. The Chairman, Deon Huysamen, welcomed all and worked swiftly through the Agenda with feedback from Treasurer, Martin Margolius and co-opted member and Event Co-ordinator, Jo Huysamen. There was no additional business raised by the members in attendance and since no other nominations were received, the existing Committee stood unapposed and were therefore unanimously re-elected to their existing positions for a period of 3 years.

Car Show Cheque Presentation and Thank You Braai

This year we decided to do something a little different. Instead of hosting a presentation evening for the charities and car clubs and then hosting a thank you braai evening for the volunteers, we decided to combine these functions and so on Thursday 20 March, club chairmen, volunteers and charity recipients were invited to gather at Timour Hall Villa for an evening of celebration. The donations would be made, short speeches given and then everyone would be treated to a steak braai complete with three salads, garlic bread and pap & sous!

Jo Huysamen, the driving force behind the Car Show, welcomed all present and thanked them for taking the time to join us. She talked about the long journey the Car Show has made since it was first held in 2000 and how rewarding it is that there is a real sense of community when we come together each year. A real sense that we're all working together towards a common goal of raising funds for charity. She further thanked the volunteers, chairmen and our charity recipients for all the contributions they make to the event each year. These have not gone unnoticed!

With the "thank you's" out of the way, Jo explained the process involved in selecting our main charity recipient each year and how we came to pick the Lucky Lucy Foundation for 2014 ( She also briefly highlighted some of the amazing work that the Foundation does in the Western Cape, not only with animals, but also with educating communities and assisting people as part of their outreach before introducing Richard Green who represented the Foundation at the presentation.

Richard thanked Jo for her introduction and elaborated on some of the elements of their work and how important donations like ours are in enabling that work to continue. He talked about the difference that they have been able to make, not only in saving animals who really need to be saved, but also in changing the mind-set of the people in impoverished communities and in changing how they view animals, the Foundation has in turn changed how those people see and treat themselves and each other. After all, if you can respect the animals you own and treat them well, you are more likely to treat other people well too.

Following his speech, Jo introduced Paul Newman of the Disaster Risk Management Volunteers of Plumstead. She explained that each of these volunteers also works full-time in a day job and that is why it is vital that we acknowledge the good work they do across the Western Cape. In the past, we have supplied items from their wish-list, but this year they have asked for a variety of items that they need and we have decided to donate the cash to them so that they can purchase exactly what they need. Paul thanked everyone present and explained that from the first time they have been involved in the Car Show they have been extremely proud to be associated with the IPA and the work we do. He talked about the far reaching impact of the work they do and the passion with which they approach all of their duties.

After these formalities, dinner was served and the hall was filled with the sounds of people laughing and talking over a good meal. It was a really special evening and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We think this format was far nicer for everyone and created a really festive atmosphere and we're looking forward to next year!

14th Annual IPA Classic Car and Bike Show
With over 600 exhibiting vehicles over the course of the two days, and nearly 1 000 more paying visitors through the gate, it’s safe to say that the show was another phenomenal success. Some added excitement this year came from some changes to the Military Heritage Group display. Not only did they bring all their wonderful vehicles, but this year they set up a camp and canteen and displayed uniforms and collectibles and had a seating area where members of the public could rest their feet and chat and find out more about their good work.

Another popular display was the auto jumble sale where every kind of brick a brack imaginable was available to buy. A new display which turned a lot of heads was the beautiful display of Harley-Davidson Motorcyles and accessories courtesy of Harley-Davidson Cape Town.

Of course, our usual displays were as enticing as ever. Cars gleamed, cameras clicked, capturing every inch of paint and chrome work. Members from different clubs visited each others displays and compared notes and in one corner a minor repair was being done by a group of owners who looked thrilled to be covered in a bit of grease!

When it came to for some refreshments, the 11 food stalls ensured that you could have anything you could want (including first time participants with Waffle on a Stick and Ocean Basket (serving Sushi), even dessert! And as always our beer garden with it’s naturally shady location and large DStv screen was a winner!

We were also pleased to be able to offer the first 1 000 ticket purchasers on Saturday and first 2 000 ticket purchasers on Sunday, a wristband pre-printed with a 10% off voucher for Ocean Basket, thereby giving them great added value for their money. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something similar again in future.

Our main charity recipient this year was the Lucky Lucy Foundation ( They provide a much needed rescue and education service in impoverished areas of the Western Cape and their no-kill shelter policy was also very important to us. Over the course of the weekend, they had a stall where they sold excellent cookbooks, calendars and other items to raise funds while also providing information to the public and exhibitors.

A huge thank you to our small but dedicated team of volunteers who range in age from their early 20s to early 80s. We couldn’t do it without you. Next year is our 15th IPA Classic Car and Bike Show and work is already under way to ensure that we continue to provide a great family day out, not only in 2015, but for many years to come.

2013 IPA Western Cape Events Calendar

Friday 3 May Steak Braai

Friday 14 June Steak Braai
Friday 5 July Curry Evening (Dress up as an alien. Prizes to be won!!) CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST
Friday 2 Aug Braai & Craft Beer (5 Aug is International Beer Day) CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST
Friday 6 Sept Steak Braai (Dress up as a pirate. Prizes!!) CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST
Friday 11 Oct Pizza & Ice-cream Sundaes CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST
Friday 1 Nov Mexican Food (Day of the Dead. Dress up and Prizes!!) CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST
Wed 11 Dec Crazy Hats! (Bring and Braai. Prizes) CANCELLED LACK OF INTEREST

Steak Braai - 3 May 2013

After much deliberation, it was decided that the opening function of the IPA 2013 calendar should be the ever popular Steak Braai. Invitations were sent out and tickets were sold and soon it was time to head to the shops to gather all the ingredients of a delicious evening! During the course of the day, salads were prepared, pap & sous was cooked and garlic bread made and readied for the oven.

The meat is handled as little as possible, just a little oil and some braai salt before our "Grill Sergeant" and Region Secretary Piet Zaayman begins to grill it to perfection. Soon, the groups of chatting guests were called into the function hall were hot steaks, steaming garlic loaves, traditional pap & sous and delicious salads awaited them. Laughter and chatting filled the air and the camaraderie of the evening was commented on more than once. Here's to many more evenings like this!!

Classic Car & Bike Show Charity Cheque Presentation – 27 March 2013

One of the highlights of our calendar is the annual Classic Car and Bike Show cheque presentation. All the participating clubs are invited to send representatives to the event and they are joined by the fantastic volunteers as well as members of IPA.

This is an event at which we get to celebrate the great work of our selected charity and have the pleasure of handing over the funds raised at the Car Show.

With all the guests gathered in the Function Hall, event organiser Jo Huysamen welcomed everyone and thanked them for joining us at this important presentation. She briefly discussed the continued growth of the show and thanked all those involved for contributing to the event, for selflessly giving up their time to either volunteer or display and for helping the IPA to make a difference in this way. She then explained that there had been a small change to the event this year and that the donation to SA Red Cross had been made directly and that as per a request from the Disaster Management Volunteers, they had received personalised jackets which they can wear at other events to promote the Car Show and their involvement in the event.

She asked Mr Peterson of Disaster Management to step forward so she could show everyone the jacket. These were presented at the Car Show Thank You Braai which was held the week before.

Then she briefly introduced Merryl Preston – a Deacon in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Heathfield Circuit – and the driving force behind the Nkosiyamoyethu Outreach Project. Jo explained that this is an upliftment project based in the Imizamo Yethu informal settlement in Hout Bay. Having identified a need in the community for some basic skills development, Merryl launched the programme with a sewing class and despite a lack of financing, by the end of 2012, 12 sewing machines and a fair selection of fabric and supplies had been donated enabling them to begin training.

In 2013, they intend to start teaching cooking skills in addition to the sewing programme and to look at teaching computer literacy. Towards this end, we donated R10 000 to the Project and thanks to the generous cash donations of several clubs and individuals, we were also able to purchase a second hand stove for them.

Merryl thanked Jo and the IPA for selecting the Nkosiyamoyethu Project as the main recipient for 2013 and expressed her amazement at how much work goes into presenting a show on this scale. She briefly explained about the outreach project and how it had grown since its inception and shared the joy and sense of achievement that the sewing ladies feel at having completed items and further still, with having been able to sell these items and generate a modest income from these sales. She explained that the donation would be used to outfit the kitchen in the space that has been donated to them by the YMCA in Hout Bay and that it would also be used to further empower the needy in this community.

Following the formal part of the proceedings, Jo invited those present to help themselves to snacks and a drink and it was late in the evening before the last guests headed home.

2013 Car Show Volunteer Thank You Braai - 22 March

Each year, as has become a well-loved tradition, we gather together all the volunteers who worked at either the gate or the beer garden during the Classic Car & Bike Show for an evening of good food, good drink and great company. Of course 2013 was no exception and when we gathered on Friday 22 March, there was a very festive atmosphere! The volunteers are made up of members of the IPA, local members of the public and also members of the Disaster Management Volunteers of Plumstead.

The group – totalling around 36 of our 40 invitees – gathered on the terrace from 6:30 onwards, sipping cold drinks, laughing and joking. Braai fires had been lit at 6pm by our Braai Master, Piet Zaayman and soon many were gathered round the braai catching up or sharing interesting news with those they hadn’t seen since the Show in January. The setting sun cast rays of light that danced in the pine tree above our heads and by 7:30 the men were teasing each other, joking about how best to braai meat. Ultimately though it was left to “Grill Sergeant” Piet to conduct his usual braai ballet, a set of well co-ordinated manoeuvres that guarantees that the meat is perfectly cooked and to everyone’s taste!

Inside the bar, those that were hiding from the braai smoke chatted amicably, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this simple gathering, the smell of the meat cooking and the anticipation of dinner causing many a waiting guest to urge the braai team to work quicker. Inside, crisp salads, pap and sous and hot, steamy garlic bread waited and as soon as the pork chops, wors and chicken breasts were done to perfection it was time for everyone to make their way inside. There, event organiser Jo Huysamen, gave a short speech thanking everyone for their invaluable contribution, acknowledging that the event would be impossible to stage without the support and hard work of everyone in that room. With the business of the evening concluded, it was time to tuck in and soon all that could be heard was the sounds of glasses clinking, knives and forks against plates and everywhere the satisfied sounds of happy people enjoying themselves.

We are already looking forward to 2014!!

Appreciation Dinner – 22 November 2012

The invitations had been sent more than 3 months before, ensuring that guest s had plenty of notice. The dress code was an indication that something special was planned and RSVP’s rolled in thick and fast – no one wanted to miss out. The day dawned clear and the air was thick with excitement as all the plans started to come together. Tablecloths and overlays were ironed, napkins had been washed and pressed, vases gleamed, the caterer was on speed dial for any last minute confirmations and questions.

Centrepieces were assembled, candles readied, seating plans consulted and consulted again. Soon, all would be ready for the arrival of our guests. The event – an Appreciation Dinner – had been planned by House Managers Deon and Chris Huysamen as a way of thanking the various committees, groups and individuals who have made such a wonderful difference over the past year through their continued support of the Villa and IPA. First on the list were the guests of honour, Western Cape Region Treasurer, Martin Margolius and Western Cape Region Secretary, Piet Zaayman, both of whom were to receive Honorary Life Membership for their many years of dedicated service to IPA.

These were followed by invitations to the visiting National Executive Committee, the rest of the Western Cape Regional Committee, the Committee of the British South African Police Regiment who regularly make use of the venue and the Committee of the newly formed local branch of the League of Former Police Officials. Next, invitations were extended to IPA members who regularly support and volunteer at Regional events and also to members of the local community who are an active and enthusiastic support system.
Guests were greeted with complimentary sherry in the Sherry Room while they waited to be allowed into the hall and conversation buzzed as groups examined the seating chart to see who they would be dining with while event co-ordinator Jo Huysamen put the finishing touches to the hall. Upon entry, guests quickly found their seats, acquainting themselves with old friends and being introduced to new ones. The menu included salmon panacotta as a ststarter, followed by beef fillet with vegetables and a delicious chocolate orange ricotta tart to end with.      

Chris Huysamen welcomed all present and explained the reason behind the dinner before inviting everyone to relax and enjoy themselves after all the hard work of the year.  After the starter, IPA President Pilot Loots took a few minutes to thank everyone for all their hard work and expressed his gratitude towards the younger members who are the future of IPA in South Africa before beginning the formalities of the evening.    First, he filled us in on the Honorary Life Membership recipients, explaining how they had both joined in 1983 and had both served on Committees since then – Martin as Treasurer and Piet as Secretary (possibly the longest serving secretary in IPA SA history).  Then he called upon Martin to step forward and receive not only his Honorary Membership, but also his 30 year service pin and certificate before repeating the process with Piet.

A further award was made to Western Cape Chairman and House Manager, Deon Huysamen who received his 20 year Certificate and Pin. 

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