Visit to SAP Airwing with German IPA member Michael Bantle
IPA Western Cape was contacted by our friends at IPA Esslingen to say that one of their members was travelling to South Africa during late January and early February 2015 and that they would love to visit the SAP Airwing.  Naturally we were keen to assist where possible and so a few calls were made.  Fortunately we were able to fascillitate this visit and Michael was even treated to a short flight. 
Back home in Germany, Michael overseas the police airwing at Stuttgart airport and so it was fantastic to be able to arrange for him to meet with local members and discuss how local SAPS pilots are utilised for operations and border control.  A huge thank you to the local members for their assistance.

IPA Western Cape donation to Cape of Good Hope SPCA
Starting in March 2013, Timour Hall Villa became the host to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA's twice annual "Bag-a-Bargain" Book sale.  This is one of many SPCA fundraisers and has a winning recipe.  Members of the public purchase a bag for R60 and then browse the available books and fill their bag with as many books as they can fit into it.  This means that it's an absolute win-win for those of us who are avid readers and animal people! 

In January, Natasha Johannes of the SPCA (pictured here with Chairman Deon Huysamen) mentioned that they've enjoyed two successful sales at Timour Hall, but that what they are trying to do is collect more books for sale.  Taking this as a challenge, our event co-ordinator, Jo Huysamen, set about trying to get donations from members of the public as well as publishers.

We were delighted to be able to surprise Natasha with a donation of 40 boxes of books from Jonathan Ball Publishers.  The boxes contained some 1 600 brand new books ranging from children and young adult titles to general fiction and a wonderful selection of non-fiction.  The total value of this donation was R208 000!  This was certainly one of the largest donations we've secured lately and the SPCA was thrilled!  Members of IPA Western Cape volunteered to unpack and sort the books and these were then split by the SPCA into books to be sold 3 for R100 at the Bag-a-Bargain in April 2014 as well as November 2014 and the remaining books will go into another sale in July and be individually priced for sale to the public. 
Thanks to this generous donation and the hard work of a few IPA volunteers, the SPCA were able to raise over R10 000 at the sale on 5 April.  
The IPA Revisited
By Deon Huysamen

The first of a series of articles that I intend to write, this short article is aimed at ALL IPA members, regardless of the length of their membership. The reason is that most members have never laid eyes on the Constitution and Rules of IPA in South Africa and do not even know that they exist.  Members simply have no idea what it really means to be members of this association, the largest association of policemen in the world. If your idea of membership is to ask :”What do I get out of IPA ?” then you are in the wrong organisation. Our motto is “Service through Friendship” and you should be prepared to SERVE and do so IN FRIENDSHIP.
Only then will you discover what you really get out of your membership. Article II of the Constitution and Rules lays out the Aims and Objectives of the Association. This also reflects the International Aims and Objectives of the Association. Knowledge of these aims and objectives is, in my opinion, a fundamental requirement to firstly be able to contribute fully to the achievement thereof as an active member and also to enjoy all the benefits that membership brings. I will try and extract and explain the most important points contained in this article of the Constitution below. Important words and phrases are printed in bold for emphasis. 
“The South African Section is an independent body made up of members of the Police Service, and other law enforcement agencies, whether on active duty or retired, and without distinction as to rank, race, colour, language or religion.” At present members and ex-members of the SAPS, METRO police, Traffic Departments and Law Enforcement members of the Department of Nature Conservation qualify for membership.  
The purpose of IPA is “to create bonds of friendship and to promote international co-operation. The IPA is committed to the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted in the United Nations in 1948.
Aims include:
  • the development of cultural relations amongst its members,
  • a broadening of their general knowledge and
  • an exchange of professional experience.
In addition it seeks to foster mutual help in the social sphere and to contribute within the limits of its possibilities to the peaceful co-existence of different peoples and to the preservation of world peace.

To achieve the above Aims the Association undertakes the following objectives.
  • To link together, in a sense of service and friendship, all serving and retired members of the Police Service of member countries.
  • To encourage personal contacts by organising exchange visits of individuals and groups, arranging group holidays and initiation per friendships.
  • To promote among the police services of all the Sections respect for law and order.
  • To develop social and cultural activities and to encourage the exchange of professional experiences.
  • To enhance the image of the police in the countries of its member Sections and to help improve relations between the police and the general public.
  • To foster youth exchanges and international youth meetings with a view to promote greater tolerance and understanding between people, and understanding for the work of police.
  • To facilitate a regular exchange of publications between the National Sections and to provide an information service for the national IPA publications containing news on all subjects of relevance to the Association.
  • To promote international publications, and to help with the preparation of a bibliography of police works and, however possible, of all works connected with the law or legal matters.
  • To facilitate international co-operation through friendly contacts between police officers of all continents and to a mutual understanding of professional problems.
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